Nicolas Brochec is a PhD candidate in Arts and Sciences at Tokyo University of the Arts, where he is specializing in Music Creativity and the Environment. His research focuses on the automatic recognition of instrumental playing techniques. Nicolas’s educational background includes a Master of Arts in Music Composition from Université de Strasbourg and a Master of Arts in Musicology from Université Paris 8. He also attends the Computer Science master's program at the University of Tokyo as an unregistered student. He holds a degree in Sound Engineering.

Nicolas has been recognized with several prestigious grants and scholarships, including the Japanese Government MEXT Scholarship, the Telecommunications Advancement Foundation Research Grant, and the Mutōmai Research Grant. His innovative research has led to multiple publications, notably at the International Computer Music Conference, Sound and Music Computing, and Japanese Society of Sonic Arts.

In his professional career, Nicolas has held various positions of responsibility. He is currently a research associate on the ERC Reach Project and has served as a coordinator at the Max Summer School x Improtech. He also teaches music composition and audio programming at One Zone School of Music. From 2017 to 2022, he worked as a sound engineer at Studio Frédéric Sanchez.

Nicolas’s expertise extends beyond academia into practical applications and teaching. He has been commissioned by prestigious organizations such as the Philharmonie de Paris and Hammer Jack Yokohama and has won several awards, including the New Music Generation First Prize and the Electric Sound’Ar-te First Prize.